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9 Brand Building Strategies for the Small Business Owner

Building a great brand has never been more critical, or more challenging. With market consolidation in full swing and huge companies taking larger and more significant pieces of the pie, the ability to differentiate your brand and tell a compelling story is more crucial than ever. The challenges of building a solid brand identity are even more significant for the owners of small businesses. Those small firms have equally tiny marketing budgets, so creating a great brand means making the most of every available dollar. Fortunately, some of the most effective branding strategies are also the least expensive. Some of these branding strategies cost nothing at all, while you can execute others on

The no bull guide to 3D Printing

So I consider myself a smart guy, I’m an Industrial Designer who has spent years learning how things work and go together. I remember using 3D printing back when I was studying Design at University, however, back then we all called it “Rapid Prototyping”. I remember making up some basic kid toy designs in CAD and sending away the .stl file to a specialised company far away to have them transformed into real-life parts. These days there is an abundance of 3D printer stores alternatively, they can be purchased from almost any hardware store, eBay or even office supply stores. While 3D printing is now super affordable, it’s still not for everyone. The general public is getting more interested i

The no bull guide to 3D printing PART 2

Design how things will fit Separate parts can fit together is so many different ways, take a look at any product you might have in front of you. A designer has spent countless hours working out the most secure and cost effective way to fit something together, they had to think about if it was something that was going to stay together forever or if it was something that you would need to remove occasionally or quite regularly. I have modelled large screw threads on some of my parts which have worked really well for large cylindrical parts, for smaller parts snaps fits are a common go-to for me. There was a great article about different fitting methods where I got some ideas to try some great

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