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The importance of a well designed logo.

So why is having a great logo so crucial to your business? Take any well known worldwide brand logo and ask a random person what their thoughts about the brand are. There is an excellent chance that the person will be able to tell you what type of industry the company is in, what type of people they are most likely targeting, and what their perception of the brand is. This proves that your logo tells potential customers a lot more then just your brand name.

Below are seven reasons why having a logo that is not only outstanding, but also suitable for your business, is one of the most important decisions you can make.

1. Getting attention: Making sure you get the right type of care.

Remember being told, "don't judge a book by its cover"? That's precisely what your customers are doing, which is why getting the right attention with your logo is one of the most important things you can do.

A logo which is crafted correctly for your business will stand out to the customer you want to attract. Thanks to smartphones and Facebook, people don't have long attention spans, and your logo has little time to convince your customers that your brand is the one they want.

2. One chance to make a good first impression:

The right logo is vital to give potential customers the right feeling about your brand. This could come down to colours, font choice, size or the type of icon you may decide to use. Using the wrong one could see people look directly past your brand, deeming it unsuitable for their needs.

3. Show the story you are trying to tell:

Your logo tells a story to everyone who sees it. Every design decision made in the creation of your logo conveys to your customers the story about your brand's history, present and future. Everything from colour, style and font will help influence the emotions of customers to perceive your brand appealingly.

4. Lead a horse to water:

The horse is your potential customers; the water is the product or service that you provide. Your logo is the symbol that your customers use to identify your business. Your logo should link your customers positive associations of your brand to your brand instantly.

5. Prove you are unique:

What is it that makes your business different from all your competitors? Use your logo to run home that important little aspect of the brand's mission. There might be 30 other ice cream stores in your area, but you might be the only one that provides all-natural flavours. In other words, your "well designed" logo will use the right icon and font to help convey that message about your brand.

6. Creates brand trust:

Over time your logo will stand the test of time, becoming more noticed by potential customers. As they see it more and more, they build a degree of trust with the brand. You are not just a fly by night brand that is here one day and gone the next. You have been consistent and therefore deserve their trust. A well-designed logo, that stays constant throughout you building your brand, will help that trust become more concrete.

7. You owe it to your customers:

Believe it or not, your customers expect you to have a well-designed logo. You might not think so, but they do. Your logo is the first thing they will see when they search for you and communicate with you for the first time. Your logo will be at the forefront of your brand on everything from business cards, websites, brochures and advertisements. Don't you owe it to your customers to give them your best from the very start?

There you have it — 7 points on the importance of having a well-designed logo. For anyone looking to update their brand or build an entirely new brand, these points may help you pave the way for a well designed, consistent, informative and loyal brand logo for your customers to follow.

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